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Southern Europe Conference on Rheology
Southern Europe Conference on Rheology Per informazioni rivolgersi a Bruno de Cindio
Tel. 0984492082

Data: dal 09/07/1999 al 09/11/1999

Hotel Eurolido - Falerna, Calabria - dal 09/07/1999 al 09/11/1999

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

Evento sponsorizzato da: University of Calabria, EniTecnologie, Pavan


Elenco Abstract e Pubblicazioni
 A bubble growth model of pizza leavening
D. Gabriele, B. de Cindio, I. Soricaro, G. Furfaro

 A comparison between torsional and capillary rheometry for polyethylene and polyethylene blends
G. Carianni, P. Mariani

 A rheological approach to extruder design for liquorice extracts
D. Gabriele, S. Curcio, B. de Cindio

 A rheological study of hydrates formation and plugging
P. D'Antona, A. Arcelloni, S. D'Angelo, A. Guarnieri, R. Maglione

 A small contribution to the mechanical assessment off fruits texture
I. Sousa, R. Almeida, P.B. Rodrigues, C.M. Oliveira

 An engineering approach to the study of concentrated milk clotting
S. Curcio, D. Gabriele, V. Giordano, V. Calabr˛, B. de Cindio, G. Iorio

 Comparison of the shear and elongational rheological behaviour of metallocene-catalyzed and conventional polyethylenes
F.P. La Mantia, R. Scaffaro

 Complex interplay of structure and rheology in model ultrasoft polymeric spheres
D. Vlassopoulos, M. Kapnistos, R. Sigel, G. Fytas, T. Roovers, S. Pispas, N. Hadjichristidis

 Concentration and temperature effect on the viscosity of binary sugar solutions
P. D'Antona, S. Correra, B. de Cindio

 Effect of a novel process on the rheological properties of a typical south-Italy product:
M. Di Matteo, L. Cinquanta, C. Naddeo, M. Rapacciuolo

 Effects of polymer addition on the rheology of O/W microemulsions
N. Coceani, R. Lapasin, M. Grassi

 Emulsification rheokinetics of nonionic surfactant-stabilized o/w emulsions
M.C. Sanchez, M. Berjano, A. Guerrero, C. Gallegos

 Evalutation of MWD from dynamic moduli: predictions from the double reptation model
M.R. Nobile, F. Cocchini

 Evalutation of non-linear constitutive equtions for liquid foams
A.C. Diogo, E. Baptista

 Firmness quality of dragee almonds
M. Di Matteo, L. Cinquanta, C. Naddeo, M. Poiana, M. Rapacciuoo

 Flow-induced isotropic/liquid-crystalline transitation monitored by rheological measurements
N. Grizzuti, P. Aresta, P.L. Maffettone

 Hardening kinetics of clear and pigmented water epoxy systems studied on the basis of the variations of the viscoelastic moduli
G. Torriano, S. Pricl

 Influence of surfactant addition on the rheological properties of aqueous welan matrices
S. Manca, R. Lapasin, P. Partal, C. Gallegos

 Influence of the operative parameters on chemical durability and rheological behavior of frits ceramic suspensions
F. Andreola, D. Bernardelli, M. Romagnoli, P. Pozzi

 Linear viscoelastic and extrusion flow measurements of an alleged long chain branched metallocene catalyzed polyethylenes
M. FernÓndez, J.J. Pena, A. SantamariÓ, J.F. Vega, A. Munoz-Escalona

 Linear viscoelasticity and steady-state flow behaviour of synthetic binders
F. Martinez-Boza, P. Portal, B. Conde, C. Gallegos

 Molecular structure from rheological data - a new sofware package
A.J. Franck, D. Mead

 Non-newtonian modeling of polarization phenomena during fruit juice concentration by membranes
S. Curcio, V. Calabr˛, G. Iorio, B. de Cindio

 On the use of shear rate or shear stress as the indipendent variable in polymer melt rheology
P. Lomellini, D. Ferri

 Principles and applications of the compressional rheometer
B. Costello, P. Hodder, R. Pepi

 Quiescent and shear flow-induced crystallization of isotactic polypropylene
L. Bove, E. Somma, G. Titomanlio, M.R. Nobile

 Recent progress in modeling entangled polymer dynamics
G. Marucci, F. Greco, G. Ianniruberto

 Relationship between rheological properties and low-damaging potential of drill-in fluids
G. Gallino, M. Vanelli

 Rheological and thermal properties of poly(butylene terephthalate) copolymers containing diethylene glycol units
A. Munari, N. Lotti, L. Finelli, M. Fiorini

 Rheological behavior of durum wheat doughs and their relation to baking and pasta quality
D. Peressini, N.M. Edwards, J.E. Dexter, S.J. Mulvaney, A. Sensidoni, C.M. Pollini

 Rheological behavior of PET scraps modified by reactive extrusion
P. Scarfato, L. Incarnato, D. Acierno

 Rheological behavior of wood in musical instruments
E. Corona, A. Monaco

 Rheological behaviour and morphology of asphalt bitumens modified with reactive polyurethanes
T. Barbosa, J. Bordado, A.C. Diogo

 Rheological characterisation of collagenic gels for biomedical applications
G. La Sala, V. Miceli, D. Gabriele, B. de Cindio

 Rheological characterisation of gel systems used in treatments to control water production in oil/gas fields
L. Chiappa, P. D'Antona, G. Burrafato

 Rheological characterization of food industry wastewater
V. Giordano, V. Calabr˛, B. de Cindio

 Rheology and stability of commercial cosmetics products
A. Semenzato, F. Zantomio, M. Meloni, M. Lovrecich, A. Bettero

 Rheology of alkane chains confined between metal surfaces: a molecular dynamics simulation study
S. Pricl, M. Fermeglia

 Rheology of baker's yeast suspensions
M. Mancini, M. Moresi

 Rheology of calcium carbonate suspensions in aqueous polysaccharide matrices
R. Lapasin, A. Zupancic

 Rheology of ceramics slurrieswith mixtures of deflocculating agents
F. Andreola, E. Castellini, M. Romagnoli

 Rheology of low-oil content salad dressings stabilized by modified starch and high methoxy pectins
C. Cabezas, B. Flores, M.C. Alfaro, J. Munoz

 Some thermophysical characteristics of the LCP under various pressures
E.I. Frenkin, V.E. Dreval, V.G. Kulichikhin

 Squeeze-recoil analysis of adhesive elastomers
S.V. Kotomin, T.A. Borodulina, M.M. Feldstein, V.G. Kulichikhin

 The application of rheology to the evalutation of bitumen ageing
C. Giavarini, D. Mastrofini, M. Scarsella

 The drilling well as viscometer: the route towards new drilling frontiers
R. Maglione

 The effect of CaCo3 concentration on rheological behaviour of filled weak gel systems
A. Zupancic, U. Florjancic, R. Lapasin, M. Zumer

 The influence of fibre type, length and matrix-fibre interactions on the properties of carbon-fibre composites of thermoplastic matrix
O.S. Carneiro, J.M. Maia

 The influence of relative concentration on the rheology of xanthan gum/spray-dried egg yolk aqueous dispersions
G. Velez, J. Ferguson, M.C. Alfaro, N.E. Hudson, E. MacDonald, J. Munoz

 The influence of surfactants on rheological properties of polysaccharide solutions
V. Kokol, R. Schneider, S. Sostar

 The influence of surfactants on the rheological properties of hydrophilic polymers
M. Oblonsek, S. Sostar, R. Schneider

 The steady annular extrusion of a newtonian liquid under gravity and surface tension
K. Housiadas, G. Georgiou, J. Tsamopoulos

 Theoretical and experimental determination of drop shape in slow steady shear flow
S. Guido, F. Greco, M. Villone

 Theoretical modelling and flow visualisation of an elastic, shear thinning polymer solution in complex flows
J.M. Maia

 Thermoreversible gels in oil/eva systems
M. Barral, E. Lizaso, M.E. Munoz, A. Santamarýa

 Viscoelastic behaviour of gel-like gelatin/locust bean gum two-phase systems
M.M. Alves, Yu.A. Antonov, M.P. Goncalves

 Viscoelastic behaviour of polymer melts in uniaxial extension flow
V.C. Barroso, J.M. Maia, A.J. Franck, D. Mead

 Viscoplastic and viscoelastic flows in generalized ducts
E. Mitsoulis, M. Beaulne

 Viscous behaviour of pharmaceutical creams: characterisation by neural network and polynomial modelling
M. Gasperlin, L. Tusar,J. Smid-Korbar, J. Kristl

 Wall slip peculiarities in PVC processing
J.M. Maia, J.A. Covas

 Weak gel model for foods
D. Grabiele, B. de Cindio, P. D'Antona