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Evolution of drop size distribution in sheared bio- polymer mixtures
Autori: S. Caserta, M. Simeone, S. Guido
Presentato al: VIII Convegno Nazionale di Reologia
Anno: 2004
Volume: Unico - Issue: Unico
Casa Editrice:
Lingua: English

In this work, we studied the time evolution of the drop size
distribution of aqueous biopolymer mixtures in shear flow. The biopolymers
investigated are Na-alginate and Na-caseinate. The system
water, Na-alginate, Na-caseinate has been brought to the equilibrium,
two phases have been separated and characterised. Mixtures of these
phases are sheared in a parallel plate apparatus and observations are
carried out by video optical microscopy. The drop size distribution is
measured as a function of time by optically sectioning the sample via
3D motorised scanning and digital image acquisition. Image analysis
algorithms have been developed for automated processing of a large
number of images, and the results have been tested by statistical
methods. Flow conditions have been chosen in order to prevent drop
break-up and thus focus the study on drop coalescence only. The mixture
and the flow conditions have been changed in order to influence
the rate of coalescence.

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