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Effect of viscoelasticity on polymer blend morpho- logy under simple shear flow
Autori: V. Sibillo, M. Simeone, S. Guido
Presentato al: VIII Convegno Nazionale di Reologia
Anno: 2004
Volume: Unico - Issue: Unico
Casa Editrice:
Lingua: English

Microstructure plays a key role in most applications of
liquid-liquid dispersed systems. In this work, we investigate a characteristic
feature of system microstructure, i.e. the shape of the dispersed
phase inclusions, its evolution under the action of a well-controlled
shear flow field. The main emphasis of this work will be on the effects
of elasticity of the matix on drop break up under shear flow. To this
purpose, Boger fluids have been ad hoc prepared in order to explore a
range of viscosity ratios and to evaluate the relative contribution of the
viscous and elastic properties of either phase. The experiments are carried
out in a parallel plate apparatus equipped with video light microscopy.
Observations are performed either along the vorticity axis or the
velocity gradient direction of shear flow. Images of the deformed drops
are processed by image analysis techniques to extract drop shape parameters.

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