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A three-dimensional model for the evaluation of the global effect of the shear field on a cellís surface
Autori: M. Grigioni, C. Daniele, G. DíAvenio, C. Del Gaudio, U. Morbiducci, M. Abbate, V. Barbaro
Presentato al: VIII Convegno Nazionale di Reologia
Anno: 2004
Volume: Unico - Issue: Unico
Casa Editrice:
Lingua: English

Blood components can be damaged by fluid shear stresses,
especially those present downstream of artificial devices. Reynolds
shear stresses have been found to be positively correlated with hemolysis
and sublethal damage to red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets.
Currently, the evaluation of the lytic potential to cells, associated to a
given flow field, is focused on the highest value of shear stress acting
locally. It can be supposed that also the superposition of the loading
contributions on each surface element of a cell is important in determining
the response of the latter to the shear field. We present the
results of a numerical study, which enabled us to calculate the threedimensional
shear field on the surface of an ellipsoid, i.e., the simplified
model of a blood constituent. An evaluation parameter (the squared
shear stress integrated over the surface) is presented for the global
load on the cell. As opposed to the simple case of a spherical cell, the
eccentricity of the ellipsoidal geometry is seen to have important consequences,
in that the orientation of the major axis determines
remarkable changes in the global value of the loading imparted by the
fluid forces.

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