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Energy absorbing of blends of polyolefin foams under compressive loading Autori: F. Iannace, S. Iannace, C. Sellitto
Presentato al: TOP Times of Polymers
Anno: 2002
Volume: Unico - Issue: Unico
Casa Editrice:
Lingua: English

Polyolefin foams are largely used as energy absorber in packaging applications because they are able to dissipate impact energy whilst keeping the peack force on the packaged object below the damaging limit. Energy is absorbed as the cell walls bend plastically, or buckle, or fracture (depending on the material of which it is made), but the stress is limited by the long flat plateau of the stress-strain curve. By choosing the right cell wall material and the relative density, the foam can be tailored to give the best combination of properties for a given package.

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