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Separations Technology IX: New Frontiers in Media, Techniques, and Technologies
Separations Technology IX: New Frontiers in Media, Techniques, and Technologies Per informazioni rivolgersi a
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Data: dal 05/03/2017 al 10/03/2017

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Grand Real Santa Eulalia Hotel Albufeira, Portugal - dal 05/03/2017 al 10/03/2017

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

This conference series began in 1985 and the overall goal remains the same: To bring together researchers working in the frontier areas of a variety of separation technologies.

We hope to attract researchers working in adsorption, absorption, bioseparations, chromatography, crystallization, distillation, membranes, novel technologies, etc. The focus will be on new separation media, new separation techniques and new technologies breaking out. These aspects are key to the challenges appearing in carbon capture and sequestration, desalination, and increasing application needs in bioseparations among others. The issues of sustainability, energy consumption and process intensification will be ever present in all of our deliberations.

A very large fraction of the current research in separations involves membranes and adsorbents. New separation media being discovered or developed impact both areas. Therefore in this conference there will be significant attention to the developments in separation media and the role of modeling in such activity. The nature of the separation device and the separation technique employed is crucial to the exploitation of the novel separation media. What novel separation technologies are breaking out is another area of importance.

We expect high and continued interest in the conference on Separations Technology since it is such a crucial part of a number of major industrial processes around the world.

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