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TOP Times of Polymers
TOP Times of Polymers Per informazioni rivolgersi a Alberto D'Amore
Tel. +39 030 3715784

Data: dal 20/10/2002 al 23/10/2002

Sito Web:

Ischia (Naples), Italy - dal 20/10/2002 al 23/10/2002

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The First Conference on Times of Polymers is organised by several Italian groups that deal with Polymer Science.
The conference provides a forum for scientists and engineers throughout the world interested in the timescales of polymer processing and properties.
As "time" is the driving concept in the whole polymer science community (academic and industrial), TOP includes sessions on various topics and provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and opinions on industry-relevant subjects.
The conference program will be focused on the more recent advances in the following topics:
viscoelasticity, Industrial Rheology, durability of polymer based systems, processing, fracture and yielding. The following scientists have already agreed to present lectures: G. Marrucci (Italy), J. Mijovic (USA), G. Papanicolaou (Greece), A. D'Amore (Italy), I. Partridge (UK), D. Acierno (Italy)

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Elenco Abstract e Pubblicazioni
 A Fiber Optic Sensor to enhance Polymer Industrial Manufacturing Process Quality
A.M.Calabrò, A.Cusano, M.Giordano

 An approach to the modelling of structural relaxation-induced stresses in amorphous polymers
Alberto D’Amore, Gennaro Carbonini, Livio Loschiavo

 Analysis of Residual Stresses in Thermoset Composites
V.Antonucci, R.Carrieri, M.Giordano, L.Nicolais

 Atomistic Modelling of the Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Polymers
A. Fortunelli, A. Lazzeri

 Biodegradation of Polymers: Kinetic Aspects
Klara Z. Gumagalieva, Guennadi E. Zaikov

 Block Copolymers as Compatibilizers in Nylon6/polycarbonate Blends
D. Chionna, F. Samperi, C. Pugliesi, G. Montando, A. Turturro

 Controlling tire performances through compound viscoelastic properties
A. Priori

 Current Uses of Composites in F1 Racing Cars

 Degradation and Stabilization of PVC. New Frontiers
Guennadi E. Zaikov, Karl S. Minsker

 Degree of crosslinking and microporosity to modulate superabsorbent macromolecular hydrogel swelling
A. Sannino, F. Lionetto, G. Mensitieri, P.A. Netti, A. Maffezzoli, L. Nicolais

 Dielectric Analysis of Chemically, Thermally and Mechanically Induced Glass Transition
G.Gallone, S.Capaccioli, S.Corezzi, G.Levita, P.A.Rolla

 Dielectric Spectroscopy as a non-Destuctive Inspection (NDI) tool to Asses Aging of Adhesively Bonded Structures
J. Mijovic and H. Zhang

 Effect of matrix molecular weight on the viscoelastic behavior of copolyamide nanocomposite systems
L. Incarnato, L. Di Maio, G.M. Russo, P. Scarfato, D. Acierno

 Effect of water uptake on the visco-elastic properties of self cured PMMA
R. De Santis, F. Mollica, L. Ambrosio, D. Ronca, L. Nicolais

 Energy absorbing of blends of polyolefin foams under compressive loading
F. Iannace, S. Iannace, C. Sellitto

 Experiments of Shear Flow-Induced Crystallisation from the Melt of Polyolefins
L. Bove, M.R. Nobile

 Fatigue degradation of elastic modulus in filled polymers for household applications
A.Leone, G. Caprino

 Fracture properties of oxidized polypropylene by EWF method
B. Fayolle, L. Audouin, J. Verdu

 High electrically stable Polymeric thermo-electric switches
G. Carotenuto, E. Amendola, L. Nicolais

 Hydrostatic Pressure Effects on the Volumetric State of an Amorphous Polymer
F. Briatico-Vangosa, A. Pavan, M. Rink

 Influence of pre-shearing upon extensional rheometry
J. Cruz-Mena, F. Calderas, E. Soto & B.Mena

 Interaction between structure and transport properties of model polymers
G. Mensitieri, S.Cotugno, P. Musto

 Interfacial Stress and Strain Fields in Particulate Composites by Means of the Concept of Hybrid Interphase
G.C. Papanicolaou, ?.?. Anifantis

 Material State Mapping in Curing Thermosets
I.K. Partridge

 Mechanical and Fracture Behaviour of Tetrafunctional Epoxy Resins Containing Fluorinated Rubbers
G. Ragosta, P. Musto, M. Abbate, G. Scarinzi, Senlin Zheng, L. Mascia

 Mechanical Characterization of PP-EPDM Blends
A.Basile, G. Carbonini, A. D’Amore, D. Acierno

 Mechanical Properties of polypropylene Matrix Composites Reinforced with Natural Fibers: a statistical approach
J. Biagiotti, L. Torre, JM. Kenny

 Metastability from Continuous Cooling Transformation of Crystallizable Polymers
Stefano Piccarolo

 Modelling of Thermo-Viscoelastic Properties of a Toughned Aeronautical Thermosetting Resin
M Zarrelli, A. D’Amore, I.K Partridge

 Morpohology and Properties of Isotactic Polypropylene modified with Hydrocarbon Resin
S. Cimmino, G. della Vecchia, G. Loeber, C. Silvestre

 New (Heterogeneous-Heterophase) Model of Oxidation of Carbochain Polimers
Yu.A. Mikheev, G.E. Zaikov

 On the definition of the optimal geometry for subway cylinders in composite materials
A. De Iorio, F. Penta, G.P. Pucillo, A. Apicella

 Phase Diagram of the Aqueous Poly(propilene oxide)-Poly(ethylene Oxide)-Poly(propilene oxide) Triblock Copolymer System
G. Mangiapia, L. Pianese, O. Ortona, L. Padano, N. Grizzuti G.D. D’Errico, R. Sartorio

 Physical and Chemical Encapsulation of Particles: a tool for Development of Innovative Technologies and Related New Materials
M. Narkis

 Poly(L-lactide)/organoclay nanocomposites by melt Mixing and Their Thermal, Rheological Properties
Yingwei Di, Salvatore Iannace, Ernesto Di Maio, Luigi Nicolais

 Polyimide-Silica Nanocomposites: Molecular Structure, Morphology and Ultimate Properties
P. Musto, G. Ragosta, G. Scarinzi, L. Mascia

 Prediction of the Response of Entangled Polymeric Liquids to Step-Strain Deformations
F. Greco

 Real Time Monitoring of Isothermal Crystallization of PVDF : From Dielecric Measurements to Rheological Behavior
J.M. Gonnet, Y. Masabuchi, J-I.Takimoto, K. Koyama

 Real-Time Crystallinity Evolution Measurements During Polypropylene Fast Cooling Runs
F. De Santis, G. Lamberti, V. Brucato, G. Titomanlio

 Recognition of the syndiotactic polypropylene polymorphs via dynamic-mechanical analysis
L. Guadagno, C. D’Aniello, G. Gorrasi, C. Naddeo, V. Vittoria

 Relations Between Crystallization and Relaxation Times in the Flow Induced Crystallization of Thermoplastic Polymers
Stefano Acierno, Salvatore Coppola, Nino Grizzuti

 Relaxation times in fast flow processes
G. Marrucci, G. Ianniruberto

 Rheological and Mechanical Properties of a Liquid Crystalline Polyurethane
D. Acierno, E. Amendola, C. Carfagna, S. Concilio, P.Iannelli, L. Incarnato, P. Scarfato

 Rheology Behavior of Short Fiber Length BMC/SMC Compound
M. Valente

 Rheology of Adhesives for Automotive Industry
V. Ambrogi, C. Carfagna, D. Acierno, M. Frigione, A. Maffezzoli, M. Calò, G. Malucelli

 Rheology of PBT-Layered Silicate Nanocomposites
L. Scatteia, D. Acierno

 Rheology of thermoreversible polymer gel electrolytes LiClO4 / ethylenecarbonate / poly(acrylonitrile
L. Coppola, R. Gianferri, I. Nicotera, C. Oliviero, G. Ranieri

 Some Applications of Fiber Reinforcements on NRT Masonry Models
A. Baratta, O. Corbi

 Stabilization mechanisms and rheological behaviour of polymer latexes produced via emulsion polymerisation
S. Carrà, G. Manganelli, L. Cirillo, P. Netti

 Strain Recovery Kinetics in Rubber Toughened Polymethylmethacrylate
Claudia Marano, Marta Rink

 Strategy for Lifetime Prediction of Organic Matrix Composite Materials Subjected to isothermal ageing in air
X. Colin, L. Audouin, J. Verdu

 Sustainable Development Pressure and Polymer Evolution
A. Apicella, R. Aversa

 Synthesis and Characterization of PCL based nanocomposites with silica
F. Bondioli, A.M. Ferrari, B. Focher, M. Avella, M.E. Errico, M. Malinconico

 Temperature Modulated DSC of Polymer Melting: Can Fourier Analysis Provide a Quantitative Separation of the Reversing and Total Heat Capacities?
Maria Laura Di Lorenzo, Bernhard Wunderlich

 The Effect of Reheating Rate on Structural Relaxation in an Amorphous Model Polymer
M. Giordano, M. Russo, A. Cusano, L. Nicolais

 The Effect of the CTBN Rubber Modified Epoxy Resins on the Thermo-Kinetic Parameters of the Pultrusion Process
L. Calabrese, N. Valenza

 The elaboration and thermal Degradation of Some new Biopolymers with Collagen
Ioana Demetrescu, Horia Iovu, Ingrid Ionescu Bujor, Gratiela Zgirian

 The Role of Polymeric Phase on the Toughening of MDF (Macro Defect Free) Cements
A. D’Amore, I. Nedi, G. Carbonini

 The Time Scale in the Foaming Process of Thermoplastic Polymers
E.Di Maio, S.Iannace, G.Mensitieri, L.Nicolais

 Thermal and Morphological Analysis of Poly(ethylene Terephthalate) Filled with Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles
M.L. Di Lorenzo, M.E. Errico, M. Ave

 Thermall Activated Crosslinking of Main Chain Crystralline Polymers Containing the Azo-Groups
D. Acierno, E. Amendola, C. Carfagna, S. Concilio, P. Iannelli

 Time Scale of Normal and Segmental Mode Dynamics of Polymers and Polymer Network by Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy (DRS) and Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy (DMS)
Jovan Mijovic, Mingyun Sun and Yuefeng Han

 Time-Carbonyl Groups Equivalence in the Photooxidative Ageing of Virgin/Recycled Polymer Blends
F.P. La Mantia, N. Tzankova Dintcheva

 Transien Biaxial measurements of Polyethylenes with Different Structure
A. Valenza, G. Di Bella, A. Acierno

 Viscoelasticity-Properties Relationships of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)
A.Basile, A. D’Amore, F. Greco, A. Mader, S. Carrà