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TOP Times of Polymers and Composites
TOP Times of Polymers and Composites Per informazioni rivolgersi a Prof. Alberto D'Amore
Tel. +390815010291

Data: dal 21/09/2008 al 24/09/2008

Sito Web:

Ischia, Italy - dal 21/09/2008 al 24/09/2008

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

TOP is an evolving, dynamic conference that embraces cutting edge research topics and emerging scientists. It was thought having as a primary objective the meeting of a number of scientists working within the area of timescales of polymers, conceived as the background driving force for the progress of knowledge in many field of Polymer Science. For this reason the TOP Conference had sessions on various topics including Viscoelasticity, Adhesion, Processing, Transport phenomena, Tissue Engineering, Fracture and Yielding, Sensors, Thin films, Cultural Heritage, Biopolymers, Durability of Polymers and Composites, Nano-Composites. In the last edition (held on June 2006) 150 delegates were registered at conference desk; the program consisted in a total of 70 oral presentations (including the plenary lecture and five invited lectures) plus 60 poster contributions. Such a good response together with the presence of many young scientists were taken as good arguments to consider the replica of the Conference. The 4th International Conference on "Times of Polymers-TOP and Composites" will be held in Ischia (September 21-24, 2008) at Hotel Continental Terme.
Contributed papers for oral and poster presentation will be chosen on the basis of scientific interest and homogeneity with the conference topics. Discussion leaders, who are experts themselves in the field, will direct discussion during the sessions.
Proposed papers title and abstract (2 pages and 1 figure) are requested.
International Journals agreed for the publication of the selected manuscripts.

Elenco Abstract e Pubblicazioni
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