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The XV International Congress on Rheology
The XV International Congress on Rheology Per informazioni rivolgersi a Prof. Gerald Fuller, prof. Rober Powell

Data: dal 03/08/2008 al 08/08/2008

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Monterey, California - dal 03/08/2008 al 08/08/2008

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The Society of Rheology invites you to participate in the XVth International Congress on Rheology, which will take place in Monterey, California from August 3 to August 8, 2008.The Congress convenes every four years and brings together the world’s leading rheologists to present the latest advances and developments in this field. The Congress will include plenary lectures by eminent rheologists and each of the symposia will be introduced by invited keynote lecturers, one of which will be reserved for the Bingham medal recipient. In addition to the technical program, an active social program is planned which will introduce the participants to the wonderful attractions of the coastal environs of Northern California. Prospective contributors to the Congress are requested to send their contributions directly to the mini-symposia organizers using the conference website, proposed symposia topics are: Polymer melts, Polymer solutions, Computational rheology, Suspensions and colloids, Foams, emulsions and surfactants, Interfacial rheology, microfluidics, and single molecule methods, Granular materials, Solids rheology and composites, Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, Rheometry and related physical techniques, Microstructural modelling, Flow instabilities, Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foods, Process engineering

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