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PIAM Winter School - Injection Moulding of polymer
PIAM Winter School - Injection Moulding of polymer Per informazioni rivolgersi a Dr. D. Delaunay

Data: dal 15/01/2007 al 19/01/2007

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Aussois - France - dal 15/01/2007 al 19/01/2007

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The PIAM (Polymer Injection Advanced Moulding)Coordination Action gathers European experts involved in all aspects of the injection moulding process (processing, material science, physical and numerical modelling, mechanical properties…).
These experts belong to 23 academic and industrial research centres, but also to technological research centres which are closely connected to SME, from 10 countries.
It was launched in March 2004, for 4 years. The PIAM Winter School is one of the dissemination tools of PIAM, aiming to cover the last developments of injection moulding, from rheological aspect to component properties, through structure development and numerical simulation. This course is intended to engineers and researchers in the field of polymer processing.Some knowledge on polymer physics, continuum mechanics are necessary.

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