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Joint Conference of Italian, Australian, Slovenian Rheologists
Joint Conference of Italian, Australian, Slovenian Rheologists Per informazioni rivolgersi a Romano Lapasin
Tel. 0406763434

Data: dal 20/05/1998 al 23/05/1998

Centro Congressi, Stazione Marittima, Trieste - dal 20/05/1998 al 23/05/1998

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The Joint Conference of Italian, Austrian and Slovenian Rheologist foolowed the tradition of the previous National Conference on Rheology, which have been organized every year by Rheotech and the Italian Group of Rheology.
As in the past, this Conference was essentially devoted to bring together accademic and industrial researchers from different fields of recognized relevance with the expectation that they will learn from one another and discover ways to work together synergistically.
At the same time, this Joint Conference represented the natural continuation of the Rheoworkshops which have been held every year within the Alpe-Adria frame.
At the closing session of the 5 Alpe-Adria Rheoworkshop (Novo mesto, May 28-29 1997), it was suggested that Trieste would be the venue for the 1998 meeting and this is another reason why both councils of Rheotech and the Italian Group of Rheology decided to organized the next national Conference in a form suitable to favour the scientific exchange and to consolidate the international experience and role of the National Groups, in accordance with the spirit of the European Society of Rheology.

The scientific program included oral and poster communications on various topics of fondamental and pratical interest together with an equipment exhibition. More than 60 scientists from 6 countries attended this meeting and contributed to its success.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I wish to espress our gratitude to all the individuals and organizations that have contributed to the success of the Conference.
In particular, I wish to acknowledge the contribution of Eniricerche and University of Trieste for their financial support.

The next Conference will be organized by the Italian Society of Rheology, which gathers the inheritages of Rheotech and of the Italian Group of Rheology, with the cooperation of other national societies of the Southern Europe, and will take place in September 1999 in Calabria.

Romano Lapasin

Evento sponsorizzato da: EniRicerche, DICAMP, University of Trieste


Elenco Abstract e Pubblicazioni
 Analysis of the preservation of Ninja lettuce by means of tensile strength tests
M. Di Matteo, R. Nigro

 Analysis of volume relaxation of amorphous PS
R. Pantani, C. Oliva, G. Titomanlio

 Apparatus for measuring the lateral contraction in uniaxial tension
M. Samarin, I. Emri, N.W. Tschoegl

 Degradation and crosslinking effects in high-impact polypropylene copolymers
M. Gahleitner, C. Paulik, K. Bernreitner, W. Nebli

 Discrepancy in the assessment of the viscoelastic properties of alginate gels by using uniaxial compression and stress-relaxation tests
M. Mancini, M. Moresi, R. Rancini

 Dynamic viscoelastic properties of wheat doughs: effects of different semolina-flour mixtures and ionic strength
D. Peressini, A. Sensidoni, S. Frasson, C.M. Pollini, B. de Cindio

 Filled-snacks production by co-extrusion: rheological characterization of different kinds of fillers
D. Peressini, A. Sensidoni, C.M. Pollini, B. de Cindio

 High pressure rheology of lubricants: effects of polymeric additives
M. Vanelli, A. Vettor, L. Mattei, P. D'Antona

 Influence of molecular weight and polydispersity on processability in extrusion processes
D. Nichetti

 Modelling of penetrant uptake in viscoelastic polymeric matrices
M. Grassi

 Non trivial aspects of the structure-rheology-processability reltionships of polymeric systems
P. Lomellini

 Practical evaluation of rheology behavior before performing a cementing job
R. Maglione, G. Ferrari, S. D'Angelo

 Practical use of time-temperature superposition principle for characterization of rubber, rubber/resin blend and resin
M. Kralj - Novak

 Prediction of polymer properties in dilute solutions
S. Pricl, M. Fermeglia

 Rheological behavior of modified polysaccharide polymers in textile printing
V. Kokol, S. Sostar

 Rheological characterisation of liquorice solutions
B. de Cindio, S. Curcio, D. Gabriele, V. Calabr˛

 Rheological characterization of polysaccharides as potential gelling agents in ceramic processing
S.M. Olhero, G.Tarý, M.A. Coimbra, J.M.F. Ferreira

 Rheological data treatment in the study of bubble growth in leavened dough
B. de Cindio, D. Gabriele

 Rheological properties of alumina dispersions in aqueous welan matrices
A. Zupancic, M. Zumer, R. Lapasin

 Rheological properties of polymeric compounds reinforced by sorbitol networks
C. Friedrich, K. Fuchs, M. Fahrlander, R.D. Maier

 Rheological properties of sunscreen emulsions formulated with polymeric additives
A. Semenzato, M. Poropat, M. Marcazzan, R. Lapasin

 Rheology and printing properties of mixed printing pastes
S. Sostar, R. Schneider

 Rheology and processing of surfactant-stabilized emulsions
M.C. Sanchez, M. Berjano, A. Guerrero, C. Gallegos

 Rheology of non toxic oil-based drilling muds
G. Gallino, L. Xiao, E. Hunde, R. Lapasin

 Rheology of skim milk fermented with ropy and non-ropy streptococcus thermophilus strains
L. Navarini, A. Abatangelo, C. Bertocchi, E. Conti, R. Lapasin

 Rheology optimization while drilling oil and gas wells
R. Maglione

 The rheological characterization of rhamsan systems
U. Floriancic, A. Zupancic, M. Zumer, R. Lapasin

 Viscoelastic measurements at very low temperatures
P. D'Antona, A. Bellomi, L. Mattei, A. Vettor, M. Vanelli

 Viscoelastic properties of ceramic slurries for low-pressure injection moulding
E. Rastelli, A. Salomoni, A. Albertazi, I. Stamenkovic

 Viscoelastic properties of gel matrices
R. Lapasin, A. Martorana, S. Pricl

 Viscosity model for multimodal suspensions
R. Lapasin, S. Pricl, M. Stolfa

 Viscosity of multicomponent sugar solutions
S. Correra, P. D'Antona, A. Belloni, B. de Cindio