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International Symposium on Electrokinetic Phenomena
International Symposium on Electrokinetic Phenomena Per informazioni rivolgersi a Marek Kosmulski

Data: dal 18/08/2002 al 22/08/2002

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Cracow, Poland - dal 18/08/2002 al 22/08/2002

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The conference will be held at the Polonia Institute campus beautifully situated at a limestone hill nearby Vistula river.
The place located just midway between downtown Cracow and the international airport (5 km from each site) can easily be reached by public transportation or by car.
Its exceptionally scenic location inside a park, specific microclimate and isolation from the city creates a unique environment for a successful scientific event.
The campus is managed by the Polonia Institute of the Jagiellonian University.

Accommodation for more than 150 people (single, double and triple rooms, each with bathroom) can be found in the hotel section of the campus.
There is also a large conference room fully equipped (about 180 seats) and a number of smaller conference rooms for additional 200 people.
Next to the auditorium one can find a charming coffee-bar called Lennon, an ideal place for coffee breaks.
It should be mentioned that the hotel section and the lecture rooms are located in the same building complex, which facilitates the transfer of people in case when parallel sessions are needed.
Due to exceptional atmosphere more than 20 conferences take place at the campus each year.
Within the campus, just five minutes walk from the hotel, there is a restaurant U Ziyada located in a former castle, famous for its fine food and marvellous panoramic view over the Vistula valley and the Tatra mountains.
The restaurant can host simultaneously more than 200 people.
Both the welcome party, breakfasts and lunches will be served there.
Additionally, in the castle cellars one can find a romantic cafeteria just inviting for informal scientific discussions.
Additional hotel rooms located in the castle should be available soon.

The Conference fee is estimated to be about

$ 700 (regular fee)
$ 400 (accompanying persons)

this special package price will include four night accommodation (within the campus in fully equipped rooms, each with bathroom), welcome party, social events, breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks, snacks during poster sessions and all conference materials.
There will be a certain number of reduced fees available for students and scientists from post-communist countries.
For those who chose to stay in top quality hotels (downtown area, 15 minutes by taxi) the costs will be about $ 200 higher. Early booking of these hotel rooms, assisted by the organisers, is advised due to a great number of tourists visiting Cracow at the conference time.

Poland possesses presently a status of an EU associated country and no visa is required for citizens of most European and overseas countries.
The immigration formalities at Cracow international airport both by arrival and departures take no longer than a few minutes. Cracow has direct flight to Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, New York, and Chicago.
There are also many local connections with Warsaw international airport.
Similarly, Cracow has convenient train connections with Berlin, Moscow, Prague, Vienna, Leipzig, Kiev, Bratislava, Budapest, Frankfurt etc.
Coming by car is equally simple since the major highway Cracow-Katowice-Berlin (A4) approaches the conference place as close as 3 km.
Banking system is well developed, one can find international bank branches everywhere in downtown Cracow, major credit cards are accepted both in shops, restaurants and hotels.
Prices in Cracow, especially for gasoline, restaurants food, souvenirs, are 20 % lower than in most European cities.
Cracow is known by its moderate climate, especially in late summer when the conference is to be held.
The temperature varies between 18-25 degrees Celsius at that time and there is usually little rain.
Last not least, Cracow is the cultural capitol of Poland and there are many cultural events at the conference time, e.g., the Organ Music Festival in nearby Tyniec Abbey, Music in Old Cracow Festival comprising more than 20 concerts usually held in various historical places etc.
Cracow also can serve as an ideal basis for sight seeing tours, for example, to the nearby Wieliczka salt mine (one of the oldest in Europe) Tatra Mountains etc.
The organisers will be hapyy to assist in booking these trips.

Evento sponsorizzato da: Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences

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