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EPF 2007 - European Polymer Congress
EPF 2007 - European Polymer Congress Per informazioni rivolgersi a Prof. Dr. Majda Žigon
Tel. + 386 1 4760 205

Data: dal 02/07/2007 al 06/07/2007

Sito Web:

Portorose, Slovenia - dal 02/07/2007 al 06/07/2007

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The European Polymer Congress is a biannual event that has attracted up to 800 participants attending the event. Conferences have been previously held in France, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden, with the last European Polymer Congress in 2005 being held in Moscow, Russia.
The European Polymer Congress 2007 (EPF-2007) will last for five days and will cover all key areas in the field of polymer science. EPF-2007 aims to bring together a wide range of polymer scientists, researchers, students and other relevant participants. More than 600 participants from all over the world are expected to attend the congress, where eight main sessions will be covered by around 80 renowned lecturers. The congress will offer an excellent opportunity for in-depth discussion between scientists, engineers and leading experts on all major cutting-edge topics of polymer science and is therefore a “must” for everybody in the scientific field of polymers. There will be plenary lectures (45 minutes), invited lectures (30 minutes including discussion), oral contributions (20 minutes including discussion) as well as a poster session. A special session will be dedicated to the memory of Victor Kabanov. A round table on polymer education will also be organized.

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