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Biofoams 2007
Biofoams 2007 Per informazioni rivolgersi a Chairman: S. Iannace; Secreteriat:: M. Montanino
Tel. 39-081-7682404

Data: dal 26/09/2007 al 28/09/2007

Sito Web:

Capri, Italy - dal 26/09/2007 al 28/09/2007

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The main objective of the BIOFOAM conference is to provide an international forum for presenting fundamental aspects of current developments and future directions for research and applications in foaming technologies involving biomaterials. This conference will bring together experts in a selected group of topics that encompass biodegradable foams, foams in medicine and edible foams (food and non food applications). The goal is to provide a broader context of scientific exchange along with the themes of material properties, processes, equipments and foaming agents, modeling, structure and properties of BIOFOAMS. The conference will also highlight new developments in the field of nanoscience related to biofoams. The BIOFOAM conference will be held on September 26-28, 2007 for 3 days in Capri. The conference structure, the diversity of the attendees and the careful selection of participants from industrial and academic organizations are expected to contribute significantly to achieve the objective of identifying problems and to promote scientific discussion and further collaborative research projects.

Elenco Abstract e Pubblicazioni
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