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Amherst Rheology Course
Amherst Rheology Course Per informazioni rivolgersi a H. Henning Winter

Data: dal 01/06/2006 al 02/06/2006

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Amherst, Massachusetts, USA - dal 01/06/2006 al 02/06/2006

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The third Amherst Rheology Course (ARC 2006) has the theme "Synergy Between Experiments and Theory in Rheology". The course will be held in Amherst, Massachusetts, on June 1-2, 2006. Lecturers are Ronald Larson, Marian Mours, Jonathan Rothstein, and H. Henning Winter. They will introduce basic concepts (experiments, theory) of rheology and also perform tutorials with the entire group. The teaching tool for the tutorials is the IRIS program, a computer platform for integrating experiments with theory in rheology. The most advanced IRIS includes access to the hierarchical model of polymer dynamics of Larson and coworkers as well as access to the model of Nobile and Cocchini for calculating molecular weight distribution from G', and G" data. Participants will receive a license for the basic IRIS program.

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