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AERC 2010 6th Annual European Rheology Conference
AERC 2010 6th Annual European Rheology Conference Per informazioni rivolgersi a Alexandra Andrén

Data: dal 07/04/2010 al 09/04/2010

Sito Web:

Goteborg (Sweden) - dal 07/04/2010 al 09/04/2010

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The aim of AERC 2010 is to be a meeting place where rheologists in academia and industry can share new science and technical developments, and to discuss, develop and cooperate on common themes.

The AERC 2010 will be organized by the Nordic Rheology Society in Göteborg, on the Swedish west coast. With a population of half a million Göteborg is moderately sized by European standards but has a rich cultural life and plentiful shopping.

The weather in April is usually pleasant in Göteborg with afternoon temperatures around 10-15°C. The evenings are bright and the sun sets at 8.30 pm.

Please take a chance already now to get acquainted to Sweden – and particularly Göteborg – through the website where you will also find excursion and travel deals. We hope to see you in 2010 for a mix of rheology and Swedish hospitality!

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