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AERC 2009 - 5th Annual European Rheology Conference 2009
AERC 2009 - 5th Annual European Rheology Conference 2009 Per informazioni rivolgersi a prof. Tim Philips

Data: dal 15/04/2009 al 17/04/2009

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Cardiff (UK) - dal 15/04/2009 al 17/04/2009

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

AERC 2009 wiil be held in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. The aim of AERC 2009 is to contribute to the advancement of Rheology by bringing together interested researchers from Europe and the rest of the world, and bridging traditional themes with modern trends.
Following the tradition of previous European Rheology meetings, AERC 2009 will be a three day conference split into symposia that reflect mainstream or emerging areas of Rheology. There will be minisymposia on blends, copolymers and nanocomposites; process modelling; rheometry and beyond: advanced experimental methods; interfacial phenomena, surfactants and foams; suspensions and colloids; viscoplasticity, solids rheology; biopolymers, biorheology and food rheology; constitutive modelling; non-Newtonian fluid mechanics; computational modelling; flow-induced phase transitions and instabilities; industrial rheology and processing.
Plenary Speakers
Christian Bailly (Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
Jae Hyun (Korea University, Korea)
Gareth McKinley (Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA)
In addition, the meeting will include the 2009 Weissenberg Award Lecture and the 2009 BSR Gold Medal Lectures.

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