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3rd International Meeting of the Hellenic Society of Rheology
3rd International Meeting of the Hellenic Society of Rheology Per informazioni rivolgersi a Professor John Tsamopoulos

Data: dal 10/06/2001 al 14/06/2001

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Patras, Greece - dal 10/06/2001 al 14/06/2001

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The Conference was a special one, since it was dedicated to Professor Andreas Acrivos, one of the most influential chemical engineers of the last 50 years, on the occasion of his retirement from the City College of the City University of New York, where he held the A. Einstein Chair at the Levich Institute.

Professor Acrivos' research interests lie in the general areas of Applied Mathematics, Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomena and, currently, in the rheology of concentrated suspensions and the study of the effective properties of two-phase materials.

He has published more than 180 papers in well-reputed journals, and has graduated a large number of Ph.D. students who, in their majority, have become leading scientists and engineers.

His academic family includes more than 400 members.

He has received a number of distinguished awards, which include election to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and the U.S. Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The meeting was attended by over 100 participants, out of which 30 were former students of Professor Acrivos or members of his academic family.

They had been invited by the HSR and participated in the Conference with invited talks.

The program included also plenary lectures, oral presentations and a poster session, on topics which covered all areas of the general theme of Rheology: Polymer melts and solutions, colloids and suspensions, molecular modeling and simulations, and experimental, theoretical, and computational fluid dynamics.

A complete list of participants, as well as the final program of the Conference is posted.

The Abstracts of the presentations given in the Conference were compiled in a Book, which is also posted. Extended versions of some of the papers presented in the Conference have been submitted for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (JNNFM), which is expected to appear within the year.

The Organizing and Scientific Committees of the Conference are grateful to Professor Ken Walters, editor of JNNFM, for providing this opportunity in honor of Professor Acrivos. In addition to the Scientific Program, the Social Program was also interesting.

This included a tour to the Archaeological Site of Olympia, a reception by the ICE/HT-FORTH Director and Researchers followed by dinner, and the Formal Conference Dinner on June 13th, where HSR and Professor Acrivos celebrated his birthday.

During the Conference, commemorative plaques were awarded to Professor Acrivos by the Vice Rector of the University of Patras (Professor C. Vayenas) and the Director of ICE/HT-FORTH (Professor A. Payatakes).

Evento sponsorizzato da: Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes


Elenco Abstract e Pubblicazioni
 A generic formulation of two-phase flow
M. Hütter, H.C. Öttinger

 A simple constitutive equation for entangled polymers incorporating CCR and chain stretching
G. Ianniruberto, G. Marrucci

 A suspension model for polymer solidification rheology
R.I. Tanner

 A temporal nonlinear stability analysis of viscoelastic channel flows
K. Atalik, R. Keunings

 Analytic solution for the analysis of flow in an elastic artery
F. Iachachene, S. Benhadid

 Analyzing Acrivos’ experiments with finite elements
D.P. Pazis, N.A. Malamataris

 Behavior of a free jet formed from an emulsion of two Newtonian fluids
K. Sarkar, W.R. Schowalter

 Block copolymers as emulsifiers in homopolymer blends: effects of additive MW, architecture, and composition
S. H. Anastasiadis, H. Retsos

 Capsule motion in flow: role of membrane rheology
D. Barthès-Biesel, A. Diaz

 Chain conformations and forces in physisorbed layers of homopolymer colloid stabilizers: Comparison between Monte Carlo and mean field predictions
J. de Joannis, J. Jimenez, R. Rajagopalan, J. Thomatos, I.A. Bitsanis

 Combining NMR and classical rheometry to evaluate the viscoelastic properties of main-chain nematic LC polymers
A. Véron, A.F. Martins

 Computational studies of the dynamics of liquid crystalline polymer in shear flows
L. Gary Leal, G. Sgalari, J.J. Feng

 Convergence of a regularization method for flow of a Bingham material past a sphere
B.T. Liu, S. J. Muller, M.M. Denn

 Determination of the rheological properties of microcapsules
M. Carin, C. Postel, M. Rachik, D.Barthès-Biesel

 Double reptation predictions of the linear viscoelasticity of melt miscible polymer blends
J.A. Pathak, R. Kant, S.K. Kumar, R.H. Colby

 Dynamic simulations of emulsion rheology
R.H. Davis, Y. Wu, A.Z. Zinchenko

 Dynamical process of polyelectrolyte gel swelling - Swelling controlled solute release
E.C. Achilleos, K.N. Christodoulou, I.G. Kevrekidis

 Dynamics of deformable surfactant-covered drops
P. Vlahovska, J. Blawzdziewicz, M. Loewenberg

 Effects of turbulent motion on breakdown processes of natural fibers
P. Perona, S. Sordo

 Electrokinetically enhanced flow of coal-water suspensions in pipes
P.K. Rozakeas, R.J. Snow

 Elongational rheology of branched polypropylene
A.D. Gotsis

 Flow of dilute suspensions in capillary networks
W.L. Olbricht, B.W. Roberts

 Fluid flow and heat transfer during liquid encapsulated Czochralski crystal growth of III-V compound semiconductors
A. Harkati, M. Drir, D. Ouadjaout, R. Younsi

 Fluid Mechanics and Rheology Research Opportunities in Pharmaceutical R&D Technologies
S. Kim

 Friction and dynamics of entangled polymer liquids
L.A. Archer

 Gelation phenomena in soft colloidal spheres
E. Stiakakis, D. Vlassopoulos, G. Fytas, A. Rissanou, I.A. Bitsanis

 High frequency dynamical viscometry on confined emulsions
A. Romoscanu, M.B. Sayir, K. Häusler, I. Roberts

 Influence of macromolecular associations on the dilute properties of a clay suspension
T. Aubry, F. Bossard, M. Moan

 Linear stability analysis of thin leaky dielectric films subjected to electric fields
Leonard F. Pease III, W.B. Russel

 Low Reynolds number turbulent channel flow
D. Jankovic, A.N. Beris, R. Keunings, G.S. Winckelmans

 Material instability and stress localization
J.D. Goddard

 Mechanical properties and behavior of capsules in 3d flows
E. Lac, N.A. Pelekasis, J.A. Tsamopoulos, D. Barthès-Biesel

 Mechanism of reversible shear thickening in colloidal dispersions
N.J. Wagner

 Microemulsions of ABA amphiphilic block copolymers and surfactants
L. Braun-Shmueli, O. Netanel, O. Regev, M. Gottlieb

 Mixing of a passive scalar near a free surface
G.S. Triantafyllou, L. Shen, D.K.P. Yue

 Modeling of viscoplastic lid-driven cavity flow using finite element simulations
E. Mitsoulis, M. Beaulne, D. Kammer, A. Zissis

 Modeling of viscous effects in blade coating flows
E. Mitsoulis, G. Athanasopoulos

 Modeling shear induced particle migration
L. Mondy, R. Rao, R. Lagasse, M. Hopkins, S. Altobelli, M. Ingber, A. Mammoli, D. Fang

 Modeling the influence of mix proportions on correlation between destruction pace and thixotropy of suspensions
T. Lyashenko, V. Voznesensky, Y. Ivanov

 Models for flow of non-Newtonian fluids through porous media
J.R.A. Pearson

 MORNOS: A leading Greek plastics packaging company
D. Giannakidis

 Multi-scale thermoplastic foam rheology modeling
J. den Doelder

 Nonlinear dynamics of dilute polymer solutions
C. M. Chiujdea

 Non-Newtonian behavior flow through arterial stenosis
L. Achab, S. Benhadid

 Non-Newtonian rheology of entangled polymer solutions and melts
C. Tsenoglou

 Numerical simulation of blood flow through stenotic artery
L. Achab, S. Benhadid

 Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in trapezoidal porous cavity
R. Younsi, A. Harkati, D. Kalache

 Numerical simulation of the planar contraction flow of the Oldroyd-B fluid
L. Saudi, N. Zeraibi

 Numerical simulations of generalized Newtonian flows involving two free surfaces
G. Georgiou, P. Lemenn, A. Alexandrou

 Particle migration and segregation in suspension flows undergoing shear
A. Acrivos

 Particle sintering and melt densification in rotational molding
J. Vlachopoulos, C. Bellehumeur, M. Kontopoulou

 Polymer brushes under strong shear flow in a good solvent
C. Toprakcioglu, D. Anastassopoulos, A. Vradis, A. Papayianopoulos, S. Baker, A. Menelle

 Prediction of the rheological properties of long polyethylene melts via atomistic molecular dynamics simulations
V.A. Harmandaris, V.G. Mavrantzas, D.N. Theodorou

 Pure shear or planar extension, which name is misleading?
C.J.S. Petrie

 Quantitative theory for linear rheology of linear entangled polymers
A.E. Likhtman, T.C.B. McLeish

 Relaxational mechanisms in hyperstar melts
D. Vlassopoulos, T. Pakula

 Rheological properties of heterotelechelic polyelectrolytes in aqueous media
I. Katsambas, C. Tsitsilianis

 Rheology in two dimensions
G.G. Fuller

 Rheology of dendrimers and their hybrid copolymers with linear polymers
M.E. Mackay, M. Jeong, R. Vestberg, C.J. Hawker

 Rheology of dense lignite-water suspensions; preshearing and transition stresses
T.B. Goudoulas, E.G. Kastrinakis, S.G. Nychas

 Rheology of polytetrafluoroethylene in paste extrusion
A.B. Ariawan, S.G. Hatzikiriakos

 Rheo-optical experiments and modeling of entangled polymer solutions: Steady and transient flows
J. P. Oberhauser, L.Gary Leal

 Second normal stress jump instability in non-Newtonian fluids
J.F. Brady, I. Carpen

 Shear-induced anisotropy in suspensions of spheres: causes and consequences
F.A. Gadala-Maria

 Shear-induced corrugation of free interfaces in concentrated suspensions
T. Loimer, A. Nir, R. Semiat

 Slow flows of a non-Newtonian drop in a non-Newtonian fluid
F. Greco

 Solitary wave dynamics of Newtonian film flows: Experiment and simulation
M. Vlachogiannis, N. Malamataris, V. Bontozoglou

 Static and dynamic filtration properties of polymers in water-based drilling muds
N. Kherfellah, K. Bekkour, S. Hamza, M. Khodja, S. Benhadid

 Static yield stress measurements of suspensions
D. De Kee, L. Zhu, K. Papadopoulos

 Steady-state fully-developed two-phase flow in porous media: Mechanistic model and a conjectur concerning the underline principle
M. S. Valavanides, A.C. Payatakes

 Stratified boundary layer flow of a gas stream and a liquid film past solid surfaces
N.A. Pelekasis, D.N. Smyrnaios, J.A. Tsamopoulos

 Stress-induced migration effects on the Taylor-Couette flow of a dilute polymer solution
M.V. Apostolakis, V.G. Mavrantzas, A.N. Beris

 Telechelic polyelectrolytes: New developments in the rheology of aqueous formulations
C. Tsitsilianis

 Temperature and shear induced thickening properties of aqueous solutions of n-isopropylacrylamide-based polymers
G. Bokias, Y. Mylonas, G. Staikos, D. Hourdet, I. Iliopoulos, G.G. Bumbu, C. Vasile

 The behavior of electrorheological fluids in torsional flow
B. Abu-Jdayil, P.O. Brunn

 The effects of pressure and temperature on the wall slip phenomenon of drilling muds
K. Sadeghy, S. Salimi, M. Khairandish

 The influence of complex rheological properties on mixing
L. Slemenik, A. Zupancic, M. Žumer

 The influence of walls on particle migration in suspensions
W. Lin, A. Kaiser, A.L. Graham, M.S. Ingber

 Theoretical and experimental investigation of non-linear viscoelastic and viscoplastic response of amorphous polymers
E. Kontou, G. Spathis

 Three-lobed shape formation of captive ferrofluid drops
A.G. Papathanasiou, A.G. Boudouvis

 Two-dimensional FEM creep analysis of orthodontic tooth movement
C. G. Provatidis

 Two-dimensional model of phase segregation in liquid binary mixtures with an initial concentration gradient
R. Mauri

 Two-phase flow in an undulating tube: Transitions from stratified to discontinuous flow of one of the fluids
Ch. Kouris, J.A. Tsamopoulos

 Variational inequalities in viscoplastic fluids – Theory & applications
R.R. Huilgol

 Viscoelastic contraction flows: Comparison of axisymmetric and planar configurations
S. Nigen, K. Walters

 Viscoelastic flow behavior of a side-chain nematic LC polyacrylate
L. Hilliou, A.G. Feio, A.F. Martins, D. Collin, P. Martinoty

 Viscoelastic modeling of micro-injection moulding
C. Jeggy, F. Dupret

 Viscoelasticity and network structure of water-based polysaccharide systems
A. Zupancic, U. Florjancic, M. Žumer

 Viscometrical behavior of systems with dermathologic and cosmetic applications
M. Barracó-Serra

 Viscoplastic Boundary Layers
J-M. Piau