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38th Meeting of the French Group of Rheology
38th Meeting of the French Group of Rheology Per informazioni rivolgersi a secretary GFR2003

Data: dal 15/10/2003 al 17/10/2003

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Brest - dal 15/10/2003 al 17/10/2003

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The next GFR annual conference (38th annual GFR meeting) will be held in
Brest 15-17 October 2003. The topic is "Rheology and physical-chemistry of
formulated materials". The aim of the conference is to show the
complementarity between the rheological approach and the physical and
chemical characterizations in designing formulated materials. The objective
is obviously to encourage and to develop exchanges and collaborations
between academic scientists and centres of industrial studies (polymers,
chemistry, biomedical, food science, paintings, chemical engineering…) about
these problems. Indeed, the topics chosen for this meeting are of interest
for the rheologist who wants to better understand the links between the
physical and chemical interactions and the macroscopic behaviours but also
for those who are in charge of formulating a compound in order to obtain a
given property.
We want this meeting to foster exchanges between academic and industrials
communities around the following types of materials :
Polymer solutions and gels
Emulsions and foams
Paste and suspensions
Polymer blends, filled polymers and nanocomposites
Filled elastomers

Systems can be considered from various angles : theory (physical as well as
numerical), experiments (including additional techniques to rheometry)

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