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1st International Conference On Rheology And Modeling Of Materials
1st International Conference On Rheology And Modeling Of Materials Per informazioni rivolgersi a Prof. Dr. László A. Gömze

Data: dal 07/10/2013 al 11/10/2013

Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary - dal 07/10/2013 al 11/10/2013

Informazioni Generali sull'evento

The international conference ic-rmm1 provides a platform among leading international scientists, researchers, PhD students and engineers for discussing recent achievements in measurement, modeling and application of rheology in materials technology and materials science of liquids, melts, solids. crystals and amorphous structures. Among the major fields of interest are the influences of temperature, mechanical stresses, deformation speeds on rheological properties, material structures and phase transformation of foams, foods, polymers, plastics and competitive materials like nanomaterials, medical- and biomaterials, ceramics, films and coatings, light metals, alloys, glasses, films, composites, hetero-modulus and hybrid materials, … etc.

Elenco Abstract e Pubblicazioni
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