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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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Il Corso, organizzato dall'Associazione Italiana di Reologia-SIR, é rivolto a tutti coloro che, in qualitá di ricercatori e di tecnici, si occupano di argomenti e problemi riguardanti la reologia, sia in campo industriale, dalla ricerca e sviluppo di processi e prodotti al controllo qualit├á, sia in campo accademico

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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
Associazione Italiana di Reologia

Seventh European School of Rheology

Seventh European School of Rheology Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Per informazioni rivolgersi a Peter Van Puyvelde
E-Mail: peter.vanpuyvelde@cit.kuleuven.ac.be

Sito Web: http://www.cit.kuleuven.ac.be/cit/ltrk/course.html

Informazioni Generali sull'evento
Rheological Measurements is an intensive short course designed to give practicing engineers and chemists an understanding of the fundamentals of rheology, its principles of measurement and its application to problem solving.
The course will be organised at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven for the 4th time.
Hands-on experience with commercial rheometers is provided.
The course is an unique combination of the treatment of the theoretical fundamentals of rheology and the practical
details of performing measurements.
In addition, application of rheology to the characterization of polymer solutions, melts, gels, crosslinking systems, suspensions and processing flows are covered.
The course in Leuven is organised in the framework of the European School of Rheology.
The Faculty are prominent rheologists from both Europe and the US.
Faculty and staff work closely with students throughout the course.
Small group laboratory sessions are designed to give students practical experience in making rheological measurements and to build confidence in understanding the results.

Participants may bring a sample for analysis in the final laboratory session.
Informal discussion sessions are scheduled to facilitate individual interaction with faculty and staff.
In order to maintain an optimal learning environment, course enrollment is limited.

If you desire more information about the contents of the course, you can contact
dr. Peter Van Puyvelde.

Evento sponsorizzato da: European Society of Rheology, Belgian Group of Rheology

Associazione Italiana di Reologia
Associazione Italiana di Reologia
Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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