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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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Il Corso, organizzato dall'Associazione Italiana di Reologia-SIR, é rivolto a tutti coloro che, in qualitá di ricercatori e di tecnici, si occupano di argomenti e problemi riguardanti la reologia, sia in campo industriale, dalla ricerca e sviluppo di processi e prodotti al controllo qualit├á, sia in campo accademico

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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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Associazione Italiana di Reologia
Associazione Italiana di Reologia

ECLC 2007 - 9th European Conference on Liquid Crystals

ECLC 2007 - 9th European Conference on Liquid Crystals Lisbon, Portugal

Per informazioni rivolgersi a Prof. Assis F. Martins
Tel. +351-21 294 85 62
E-Mail: eclc2007@fct.unl.pt

Sito Web: http://events.fct.unl.pt/eclc2007/index.html

Informazioni Generali sull'evento
Dear Colleague,
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am pleased to invite you to participate in the 9th European Conference on Liquid Crystals and related topics, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, July 2- 6, 2007.
This conference is intended to provide a forum for all those who are active in any field of Liquid Crystals Science and Technology, and related topics, to meet and exchange ideas. In spite of the European character of the ECLC, there is no restriction on the attendance of delegates from all over the world. Young scientists are strongly encouraged to participate.
The ECLC used to be a winter conference. We chose to organize the ECLC 2007 in summer, instead, to increase the time gap from the ILCC and to take advantage of the fact that sun, not snow, is the main ingredient of Portuguese climate. Lisbon is known for its luminosity; the light, the unique atmosphere and the climate offer a marvellous environment to make the ECLC 2007 a fruitful and memorable event.
The Scientific Program will include an opening lecture, a number of plenary, keynote and invited lectures by distinguished scientists highlighting selected topics and new developments in the field, and contributed oral and poster communications. An exhibition area will be provided for LC related companies to display and demonstrate their products and the latest technical advances in the field.
Social and cultural events, as well as a conference excursion and dinner, will be arranged for participants and for accompanying persons.
I am looking forward to meeting you in Lisbon.
Prof. Assis F. Martins
Conference Chairman

Associazione Italiana di Reologia
Associazione Italiana di Reologia
Associazione Italiana di Reologia
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